We have had many breeds of dogs over our life time.  Most of the time 2 to 3 dogs at a time.  Then, while discussing a dog that didn't shed, we bought our first Standard Poodle, knowing very little about the breed.  He is a black male called Benson.  He is a senior now, never in our breeding program, but taught us so much about the breed and all the wonderful qualities they have.  

Standard Poodles are intelligent, intuitive, faithful, playful, and agile.  They can learn to do most anything you would wish them to do.  Standard Poodles excel at Therapy and Service work.  They train easily in Agility and Obedience, Tracking  and have the ability to run like a gazelle and turn on a dime.  The very next day they can happily be couch potatoes, who just want snuggles. The best quality of all however, is their constant will to be people pleasers, with just praise as a reward. So as you can see, he won our hearts over to the point that we had to have another, this time a Silver Puppy, as I was infatuated with the color and clearing transformation.  We called her  Bella.  

We considered these 2 to be our pets, until I retired and had extra time on my hands, then breeding entered the picture.  Bella was 4 when she had her first litter, and she was retired from breeding after her 3rd litter at the age of 6. 

We kept 1 puppy from her 1st litter, a silver puppy that we called Graycie.  We showed her to her CKC Championship before breeding her at the age of 4.  We kept 1 puppy from each of her first 2 litters, Brutus and Lizzie.  This will be her 3rd and final litter at the age of 6.  

The puppies that these two females produced are phenomenal, and many can be seen on the Our Dogs page, using our own pictures and those sent in by our fabulous owners.


As time has gone by, I have dealt with more owners grieving, all too soon, over the loss of their beloved furry friends. This got me researching to find out why and how to correct it.  This information is readily available, and what I found is that it is us, the humans, trying desperately to keep our dogs healthy and happy.  It has been all done out of love but has been working in reverse so to speak.  So I decided to make a few changes, and do my best to enable owners to advocate for their dogs.

The first change was the eating habits.  I feed my dogs and puppies raw diet as soon as they are weaned.  This is easier than you think, and the benefits to your pets is phenomenal.  It changes the makeup of their gut, and promotes good health.

Second, I reduced the number of vaccinations they are given through the use of titre testing.  There are Core, and Non-Core Vaccines.  I only give Core Vaccinations, and avoid the Non-Core medications that some Vets recommend to be given to protect your pet from diseases like Lyme, Lepto, and other diseases.  These Vaccinations are very hard on your puppy or dog, and are only marginally effective.  It is proven that many dogs will acquire Auto-Immune diseases, among others from the effect of these Vaccinations.

Third, I only worm my dogs and puppies with natural products.  It is easy, and you are not putting pesticides into the dog just in case they might have worms.  

Next, I do not use Heartworm, Flea and Tick medication.  Once again, these drugs introduce pesticides into your dog, in the hopes of protecting them from Fleas, Ticks, and Heartworm.  There are natural products to use if needed and/or avoid areas where Ticks are found.  Heartworm is based on two infected mosquitoes biting your dog within a certain time frame, and with in a certain radius of each other.  Most Standard Poodles are not outdoor dogs.  When the mosquitoes are heavy I come into the house, and they come with me. 

That being said, I realize that there are times and areas that have higher risk of a certain disease, but you need to weigh the effectiveness, and need of the drug versus the damage these drugs do to you dog.  Everything has to be weighed out and a informed decision must be made on an individual basis.

Here is a site that goes into all of this in more detail.  I was very excited when I found it, it is one stop shopping.  It talks about the 5 ways to make your dog healthier.  A good read  for anyone who owns pets.  We must advocate for our dogs, they cannot to it themselves.

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